Welcome to the 16th issue of
The ColorRevival Review!

What's in this issue?
1. What Lora is up to now
2. My new skin care line!
3. Color is not Static! Check out these color illusions

What's on Lora's Agenda

Advanced training for me in February

I just booked my flight to Fort Lauderdale for advanced style and color training with Ferial. I will be trained on the new 16 season system (remember, it's just an advancement, not a whole new complicated system. In fact, I think it simplifies things greatly).

I will also be trained on Style and will implementing a whole new segment on my site just for style issues, body shapes, and so forth. I'm looking forward to the event and will update you all on everything I learned.

One of my plans this year is to open a small studio where I can do my color analysis, makeup artistry and facials. I’ve been researching skin care lines and while there are good products out there to be found, nothing got me excited until I found Votre Vu (pronounced “voh-truh-voo") And I’m really excited about this company!

All the information you could possibly want to know about the company is at my website: www.VotreVu.com/loraalexander including information about all its 50+ products, ingredient lists, company history, video’s, etc. But here are the basics:

  • Votre Vu's mission is to bring a very high quality French product line into the US and make it affordable and accessible to everyone. Currently, the high quality French product lines comparable to Votre Vu are sold at high-end department stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and Barneys for approximately 2/3 more.
  • The products are hand made in small batches by an 80 year old family-owned company just outside of Paris France.
  • Prior to their introduction in the U.S., these products were only sold in high-end spas and boutiques in Europe.
  • The product line is naturally based, which means that they use natural ingredients whenever possible and have a very high percentage of superior quality plant and flower extracts and essential oils within the product line.
Why did I choose Votre Vu over all the other possible lines?

Despite the great website, numerous beauty awards they’ve won, and the fact they are botanically based and manufactured in France meant nothing to me if I didn’t like the products ( I’ve seen so many overly hyped ‘french’ products-some actually made in France and some not—that were nowhere near being worth the price). The fact is I LOVE the products! I wanted something that you can see and feel the difference after using the first time and I LOVE the way the products make my skin feel. I know my clients will love it too.

Finally---and this is important---they have a full 45 day guarantee that if you don’t love the products, you will get your money back. 45 days! They are that sure of their products and so am I.

If you are looking for some seriously high quality skin care for yourself, look into Votre Vu. You will not be disappointed. Contact me via my Vu website telling me your skin type and I will send you a free sample pack!

Color Illusions

I saw an interesting show on TV called recently called “Brain Games” and it blew me away. Take a look at the picture below, which was the same one used on the show:

Clearly, the top grey square is darker than the bottom square, right? Wrong! They are the exact same shade. If you don’t believe me, put your finger horizontally between the two squares and look again. As it was explained in the program, the shading as well as the surrounding colors makes your mind perceive the colors to be different even though they are exactly the same.

Here’s another:

There are two colored spirals going on here, green and blue, right? Wrong again. They are both the same shade of greenish turquois. But placed next to a different color, color appears to change. It is influenced by what it is next to. The cool fuschia makes it look more blue and the warm orange makes it appear more green.

See for yourself below. When black is put next to the spirals, you can see the colors as it actually is. If you’re still a skeptic, upload the photo into PhotoShop and use the color dropper. It’s the same color (I actually had to do this to be convinced!)

So what’s the point of showing you this, other than it’s pretty cool? For our purposes in color analysis:

  • It illustrates the whole premise of what color analysis is about: that wearing the right (or wrong) color next to your face can make a profound impact on your appearance.
  • Color is not static; it is very dynamic. It can take on different characteristics based on what is next to it at any given time.
  • Some color companies say hair color is not important and regardless of the color, it will not effect your season. This would be true if you wore it under a cap all day. But hair color makes a big difference in your look. If you are naturally a light season and you dye your hair a dark shade, this will create a higher contrast than you have naturally. You would need to adjust your contrast level with regards to makeup and clothing to match this look if you are dead set on keeping your hair dark. I know that when I color my hair a rich red, I have to adjust my makeup accordingly or my face just disappears (I’m pale as it is). When I don’t want the upkeep and let my hair go to its natural reddish blonde color, my makeup needs to be lighter.
  • You can ‘get away’ with wearing some of your most loved colors that are not in your palette by creatively using other colors to make them work for you. Color and fashion should be fun, not frustrating and it should expand your world, not limit it .
Color is a powerful and dynamic tool to create the look and style you want to project to the world. Have fun with it!

Until next time, take care,


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