Type Casted: GLEE

Here's my best guesses as to the seasons of the major characters on "Glee". 

Lea Michele ("Rachel") - Deep Winter

Corey Monteith ("Finn") - Smokey Soft Autumn

Mathew Morrison ("Will Shuester") - Sunlit Soft Autumn

Jayma Mays ("Emma Pillsbury") - Warm Autumn

Chris Colfer ("Kurt") - Dusty Soft Autumn

Amber Riley ("Mercedes") - Deep Autumn

Mark Salling ("Puck") - Toasted Winter

Dianna Agron ("Quinn") - Sunlit Soft Spring

Jane Lynch ("Sue Sylvester") - Light Spring

Naya Rivera ("Santana") - Deep Winter

Kevin McHale ("Artie") - Cool Summer

Heather Morris ("Brittany") - Light Summer

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