Alexis Bledel & Lauren Graham
Clear vs. Cool Winter

I analyzed the Gilmore Girls (Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham) for a long time and while it is obvious they are Winters, which Winter was challenging to figure out.

Like all Winters, they have the characteristics of Cool (temperature) Deep (intensity) and Clear (chroma) but I decided that Alexis was a Clear Winter because of her eyes. "Clear" seasons have the unique trait of bright or sparkling eyes.

While Lauren Graham has beautiful blue eyes, I feel that Alexis Bledel's are up a notch on the brightness scale, making her a Clear Winter.

Bright orange and hot pink are two bold colors that most people cannot wear successfully. Except the Clear Winter. They can wear some of the brightest colors from the Clear Spring palette.

Both of them will share many of the same Winter colors--like black, royal blue, true red, etc--Alexis could also wear a few of the brightest and clearest warm colors from the Clear Spring palette too.

I don't see Lauren wearing anything warm. Thus making her a Cool Winter.

 Can you tell the slight but important difference in the eyes?

Leave "Alexis Bledel" for "Gilmore Girls" typecasting...

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