Anderson Cooper: A Closer Look

Anderson Cooper is a cutie alright. 
He’s also a good example of a Light Summer.

Please note: Before I developed the ColorBreeze Complete System, I put Anderson in the Light Summer category. But now in my advanced system, I'd label him an Icy Light Summer.

The only problem is that it is hard to find pictures of him wearing anything but black suits with white shirts.

Though this is the expected look of a serious journalist, here is where finding a great alternative to black would benefit him.

Every season has great alternatives to black in their palettes. 

For Summers, just lightening up on the black-to a softer shade of grey-makes a huge difference.

See how in the left picture, the black just sits there, heavy and stark compared to his natural coloring? 

In the right picture, the black jacket was lightened to a medium grey. His look is softened to harmonize with his overall look.

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