Beyonce - A Closer Look

Back when I was using the 12-season color analysis system, I labeled Beyonce a Warm Autumn. 

She was too deep for a plain old Soft Autumn. But I knew she had richer, heavier aspect to her and her coloring was was not as saturated as a typical Warm Autumn. 

This is where the genius of the ColorBreeze System comes along. Women of color who has a lot of warmth in them but is not deep enough to be a Deep Autumn yet too deep to be a Warm Autumn would be labeled a Toasted Soft Autumn now. 

The Toasted Soft Autumn is this hybrid of of the Warm, Deep and Soft Autumn at all once. For sure, she needs warmth. 

Many women of color instantly get categorized as a Winter in many of the old systems. While many will naturally be a Winter if they have the deepest coloring and not much warmth in their coloring, just as many have way more warmth than coolness. And in Beyonce's case, she needs that warmth to come alive. 

If Beyonce was a Winter of some sort, pure black would enliven her (left). While it doesn’t look bad, it doesn’t bring any sparkle to her. But her ashy cool makeup does very little for her especially when you compare the photo on the right.  

Compare the difference it makes when she wears spicy peach blush and lipstick. She definitely looks more healthy and vibrant.

Beyonce has naturally dark hair, as you can see from this childhood photo. I don’t know how accurate the coloring is in the picture, but you can clearly see her very warm skin. There may be some warm highlights in her hair that are not evident here, but even if it’s naturally a flat black color, you can tell how natural your warm traits are when she does highlight her hair. 

Often times, when people with naturally black hair bleach their hair, it can look bad and really wash them out. In Beyonce’s case, it just reveals the natural warmth in her hair.

Pushing it too Far

Pushing the boundaries of your coloring can be fun. And it can work. But sometimes people push it too far. In the photo above, Beyonce is trying to go for a Light Spring look and it's simply too light. If she had kept her makeup darker, maybe she could pull off the exotic look. But the light hair and the light makeup just makes her disappear. It does not emphasize her earthy eyes. 

Below she’s going for another look that is a bit off. The colors are typical of a Warm Spring or even Clear Spring. 

Rich, muted warm colors will look best on her, like below.


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