The Big Bang Theory Typecasted

It's taken me quite awhile to figure out the cast of The Big Bang Theory. The reason is that most of the characters are purposely wearing their wrong colors to help them build credibility as, first and foremost, scientists who are not into the whole fashion thing (Penny being the exception, of course). 

I have to say I'm still a little unsure of my analysis of "Howard", played by Simon Helberg. He is the character who dresses the craziest so most of his colors are way too bright and overpowering. This tells me he is definitely one of those soft light seasons. But which one? I'm only about 60% sure of my analysis. I'm about 80% sure of "Rajesh". The rest I'm 99.9% sure. 

"Sheldon"- Cool Summer

"Amy" - Smokey Soft Autumn

"Penny" - Sunlit Soft Spring

"Leonard" - Toasted Soft Winter

"Howard" - Smokey Soft Autumn

(I'm not 100% sure on him ;)

"Bernadette"- Light Summer

     "Rajesh" - Deep Winter

(I know Raj has a yellow tone to his skin but I feel it's a warm overtone, not undertone)

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