Why I Hate Selling


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 With an upcoming crowdfunding campaign to launch in a few weeks, I once again have to deal with my feelings regarding sales and asking for money. 

The bottom line is that I hate selling. I equally dislike being sold to. A few years ago, I had a badly leaking roof. Water pouring down into a bucket in my kitchen bad. I needed a new roof and needed someone who would provide financing. If they offered financing that wasn't outrageous, I was going to purchase. I had to purchase. 


But when he started with his little schpeel, I was irritated. I wanted to say, "don't give me your sales routine; just tell me how much and what the interest rate is and how soon you can start."

But he was young and new, and it was his job to do his presentation. So I listened for 20 minutes. I desperately needed the product, but I was still irritated as he's telling me why his shingles were the best.

Anyway, I know exactly when my issues with sales started. I was a hypersensitive young teen with my mom at our local grocery store when a lady we didn't know came up to my mom and said, "If you use this product, it will get rid of your daughter's acne." She held up a product from Mary Kay.  My mom politely said, "no thanks," but I was mortified, thinking my acne was so bad that some stranger had to come and try to help fix it.

Speaking on Mary Kay, if you read my eBook "Color Revival," I also tell a story about my experience with a male Mary Kay consultant who insisted that anyone can wear any color they wanted and that color analysis was nonsense.  He was handsome and flirtatious, and I gave in to him putting on me their newest pinks and purple makeup for a "Pink Night" celebration.  It did not end well.

My apologies to Mary Kay, who I have nothing against personally. I just hate pushy people, regardless of their product line, who just want to make a sale and who have no regard for whether their product is a good fit for the person.

So this whole long story about my dislike of salespeople and from where it originated was to just let you know I don't like to 'sell' but I will be trying to do my best at it since I really want my scarf launch to be a success.


I will be asking for your support either with monetary donations, pre-orders, or simply sharing the campaign with others.

Thanks for listening to me rant.  I didn't even get to the most annoying salesperson I ever encountered in a  Mattress Giant store in Minneapolis.  I still get irritated when I think of him!

I know intellectually, there are good salespeople who want only what's best for their clients. I hope to resolve my issues sometime in the future πŸ˜‰


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