Does the World Really Need Another Dress?



One of the first comments I got from someone when I announced I wanted to create a color-analysis-inspired dress was:

Does the world really need another dress? 

Short Answer:
Apparently, yes. There are not enough dresses in color options that flatter everyone. 

Long Answer: That was my
sentiments, too.  The last thing I envisioned years ago was that I would be trying to create clothing pieces. There is way too much clothing made and ultimately thrown out by people every year. But buying clothes only in your most flattering colors will help ensure you wear them much longer than simply following ever-changing color trends.

I had once offered an affiliate shopping platform to clients a while ago. I found colors from big named stores, choosing only the best colors for each season. I hunted and hunted. And I could never find color options for everyone. At that particular time in that particular year, the colors I found everywhere were pale light blue, a pale light pink, and very pale olive. 

There was nothing for Autumns or Winters (except black, of course). The pale olive was too pale except, perhaps,  for the lightest Dusty Soft Autumn. The light pastels were great for Light Summers. But that was it.

It was beyond frustrating. And it just made me want to launch my own clothing so I can ensure color options for everyone, no matter was is 'trending' at any given time. So the seed was planted in my brain to do something about it. 

I contacted some of my favorite clothing companies to see if they wanted to collaborate. I even contacted new start-up companies and got no responses.

There were many bumps in the road to developing clothing pieces - actually 'brick walls' is a more accurate term. It really shouldn't be so difficult. 

To make a very Long story short, a few years ago, I found a company I could pair with to help get an LBcD created. LBcD is what I call "Little Best Color Dress." 

Did I mention they are wrinkle-free? :)  

I hope to develop more items in the coming months in colors for every person, regardless of what color(s) is "in" at any given moment. 


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