By Request: Purchase information for St. John's Bay t-shirts

20 February 2020

Per my previous post, I had a few people ask about the actual color names of the St. John's t-shirts that a Cool Summer client of mine found recently.

So I asked my client if she would mind sharing the information and she graciously did.

The first name is the name on the back of my color swatch and the second isSt. John's Bay's color name. She even listed a few links at the bottom (no affiliate commissions either ;)

#1 Top: Raspberry= Bright Rose
#2 Top: Strawberry Ice Cream= Pink Pop
#3 Top: Soft cool burgundy= Meadow Mauve
#4 Top: Lemon Frosting = Island Yellow
#5 Top: Blue Spruce= Caspian Sea
#6 Top: Silver cloud= Blue Cast
#7 Top: Blue Purple= Nantucket Blue
#8 Top: Lilac= Bold Violet
#9 Top: Purple Pansy= Sharp Purple
A great red for Cool Summer in the St. Johns Bay collection is Rumba Red
there are two links for the St. John's Bay 3/4 length t-shirts. They also have the same colors available in different styles; long sleeve round neck and V-neck and short sleeve round neck and v-neck and some boat necks.
Here are a few links:
St. John's Bay-Womens V Neck 3/4 Sleeve T-Shirt - JCPenney