Case Study Rachelle


I wanted to take a closer look at Rachelle’s Color Analysis because it was an important one for me. Besides becoming great friends with her, she helped plant the seed that eventually grew into my ColorBreeze system!

Rachelle has a super focused mind. She is obsessed with color analysis, which is a must for any color analyst. She studies things in her mind and notices patterns. She is a budding ColorBreeze consultant in the Black Hills area of South Dakota. She's an awesome person as well.

For her analysis, Rachelle sent me a removable disc with a TON of photos on them. Huge photos, just the way I like them. I will show you the ones that helped me come to my conclusion about her as well as my thought process along the way.


I looked at the many photos. With the blue eyes and somewhat cool hair, I thought for sure she was some sort of lighter Summer. This is why lots of photos are helpful. I rarely can make an accurate analysis from one or a few photos. Lighting can alter things and sometimes the camera just doesn’t want to reflect the actual coloring.

Her skin looks cooler and I Saw some pink in cheeks. However, after talking with her on the phone, I found out she was wearing some foundation that was on the cool side.

So she pointed out the ones that were completely make-up free, like this one:


Very warm looking skin. But this could be because of the lighting. Then, the clincher for me was this photo:


You can see the light peachiness in her skin. I could also see a slight softness in her coloring as well.

So I knew she was a Spring. Process of elimination told me she wasn’t the lightest Spring, nor the brightest/clearest Spring. She clearly wasn’t the warmest Spring. So the remaining season, and the one that does indeed some softness the other Springs do not need is the Soft Spring (at the time it was called “Toned Spring”).

So I labeled Rachelle a Soft Spring and she was thrilled.

Rachelle loves to experiment with wigs. And with her very analytical mind and excellent eye for color, she noticed how wearing experimenting with wigs and makeup can seem to push her into a different Spring category or even in the Summer category. As we saw with her cool foundation and lipstick, she totally can rock the Summer look. But wearing a wig that is slighter warmer pushes her more toward the Warm Spring category; a bright blonde wig plus some stronger makeup can push her toward the Clear Spring. And I totally agreed with her because I too saw this in myself and in other people when they altered their hair and makeup.

But the genius part came when she noticed that different eye colors within the same season seems to indicate a difference as to where they flow into. And with that idea, along with my own observation that a couple of the sister-seasons the 16 season system talked about didn’t seem consistent, the ColorBreeze system was born. Well, it took a while to develop it and figure out where each season flowed and WHY.

Like a math equation, (which I’m awful at), I worked out which seasons flowed into each other, which ones didn’t flow back (there’s a few) and then it ALL made sense to me. And Rachelle.

Sister Seasons

Here is the key to understanding the ColorBreeze method and how to quickly assess which season a person is: You look at what appears to be the main season, like Spring for Rachelle. And then see where she seems to flow, or who her sister-season is. Many times the sister-seasons are the two seasons you are debating between. In this case it was Spring and Summer. The Spring and Summers who flow into each other is the Light Spring/Light Summer and the Soft Spring/Soft Summer light. I already knew she wasn’t the lightest Summer. So Soft Spring who flowed into Soft Summer light was it.

There are Soft Springs who are warm eyes, like actress Julie Bowen from “Modern Family”. To me she doesn’t seem to flow into Summer. She seems to have a touch of Autumn to her.

I knew she was Soft. But once the ColorBreeze system was fleshed out, I saw her sister-season was actually the Soft Autumn light (formerly Tinted Autumn).

julie bowen sunlit soft spring

So while both Rachelle and Julie Bowen were Soft Springs, one flowed into Summer and one in Autumn. Specifically, for Julie, she is what I call a Sunlit Soft Spring. Her specific sister-season is the Sunlit Soft Autumn. Note that they are both warm seasons, so she is slightly warmer than the other Soft Spring, which I call the Dusty Soft Spring.

Rachelle is the Dusty Soft Spring, who flows in the Sunlit Soft Summer.

Below is her makeover I did for the Dusty Summer (left). And just for fun, I gave her colored contacts on, on the right. Can you see how the blue eyes suggest secondary flow of summer and the warm brown suggest a light Autumn?


The subtleties are small but significant. It allows one to know precisely what their season is and then once you know where you ‘are’, you can experiment with other looks that you know will still be flattering.