Clear Winter Celebrities

It is a bit of a challenge to find Clear Winter celebrities. In fact, it can be difficult to find ANY people, celebrities or not, who truly have the dominant characteristic of "Clear".  This also includes Clear Springs. 

Clear Springs and Clear Winters are the least common season. There are a lot of springs and winters who have a clear chroma as part of their coloring, but it is rarely their dominant trait. 

I've had clients tell me they were analyzed as a Clear Winter and instead they were actually a Cool or Deep Winter (though sometimes they were not even a Winter at all). As I try to understand why a color analyst would come to this conclusion, I remember what it is like to drape someone with bright colors. Sometimes the bright color itself has a positive effect on an analyst. In other words, they are psychologically reacting to the color of the drape itself and not really analyzing what the color is doing to a client's face. 

For someone to actually be a true Clear Winter, they must have some aspect of their coloring to be bright and/or shiny. Almost always, this brightness is found in the eyes. I would be confident in saying that it is almost 99.99% of the time in the eyes. 

All the celebrities below have bright or sparkling eyes. 

Aaishwarya Rai

Alexis Bledel

Courteney Cox

Megan Fox

Classic Clear Winters

How many of these ladies do you remember?

Lynda Carter

Crystal Gayle

Erin Grey

Bobbi Benton

Elizabeth Taylor

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