Color Analysis and the different “rules” for makeup

14 August 2019

One of the most important things to get right with regards to your coloring is makeup. Nothing can show up more noticeably wrong than wearing the wrong shade of lipstick or blush or eyeshadow.

Let’s say you know your season and your best palette of colors. You might even have one of my swatches. And let’s say you are a Cool Winter (Winters can be the toughest to get makeup right for). You know that as a Cool Winter that magenta and hot pink are colors that will always look good on you. So why not wear your blush and lipstick in that shade?

It’s all about looking natural. I realize, of course, that there are lots of different makeup looks. And wearing bold colors is appropriate for some situations. But since color analysis is first and foremost about finding colors that harmonize with your natural coloring, the look you first should try to aim for is a natural one. The natural almost-no-makeup look is always appropriate for the office, PTA meetings, and casual affairs. After that, you can go for the bold

FYI: did you know that women who wear no makeup in a professional setting is looked upon as unprofessional? It is expected of them to wear a minimal amount of makeup at least. Of course, wearing too much is considered unprofessional as well. It is a fine line women have to walk regarding makeup expectations.

So back to the ‘rules’ for makeup colors: the answer to whether a Cool Winter should wear a hot pink blush and lipstick is “No”. Unless you apply it as a light wash of color (do-able but tricky), you want a color that is both natural but whose temperature matches yours.

wix right color

The woman above is a Cool Winter with a light touch of pink lipstick and even lighter blush and some grey eyeshadow and mascara. Very natural.