Cool Colors - Clear of Muted?

All of the seasons will have both warm and cool colors in their palette though they will favor one over the other. The two exceptions are the COOL and WARM seasons, which will have either ALL warm or ALL cool colors in their palette.

Step 2 for those who's dominant characteristic is COOL is to decide whether clear cool colors favor you best or whether cool muted (or soft) colors do.

If you’re unsure which colors you favor, test draping is the answer. In front of a large mirror with good light, try on different colored tops or scarves or even a sheet of colored paper. See which colors may make you look brighter and more refreshed or if any make you look sallow and pale. Test these specific colors to differentiate between the cool clear and soft colors and see which is more flattering for you.

Cool Clear vs. Cool Soft Colors

Pure White vs. Soft White

Royal Purple vs. Lavender

True Red vs. Raspberry

Click on color strip above if you favor cool clear colors.

Click color strip above if you favor cool soft (muted) colors.