Cool Summer Client Finds Goldmine

19 February 2020

One of my client's found a goldmine of t-shirts online and I just had to share (with her permission, of course).

My client is a Cool Summer and received her swatch not too long ago. And she just found 9 St. John's Bay tops in her colors (yes, plural!) from JCPenny online.

She pulled out her swatch and each one matched beautifully to 9 colors in her swatch.

She found:

  1. Raspberry
  2. Strawberry Ice Cream
  3. Soft Cool Burgundy
  4. Lemon Frosting
  5. Blue Spruce
  6. Silver Cloud
  7. Blue Purple
  8. Lilac
  9. Purple Pansy

Of course, the names of the colors were not the same as the manufacturer's names. But what mattered is that the colors matched.

I'm happy if I can find one color that works for me. But 9? It truly was incredible.

And just to make it even more miraculous, they were all on sale for $5 each (regularly $17)! :)

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