Cool vs. Warm

Is your Dominant characteristic Warm or Cool?

Remember it's not just your "undertones" that you are looking for, like you may have been used to doing in the old color analysis system.

I talk about this in my report "The 15 Top Myths of Color Analysis".

To qualify to be a "Cool" season (cool being your dominant trait), all 3 of your hair, skin and eyes should be cool. Keep in mind that there is such as thing as cool green and cool brown eyes.

Likewise, your hair, skin, and eyes must should be warm for it to be considered "Warm" as a dominant characteristic. FYI: Blue eyes are found in nearly all seasons so they can be blue as can be but still be within a Warm season. Ths is why it is important to look at all three things - skin, eyes, and hair - when making a determination.


Cool seasons come alive in pinks and blues and cool reds.

  • Eyes: Blue is most common. Hazel and blue-grey are also seen. There are cool green eyes, often showing a hint of grey to them.
  • You may have a definite natural pink ‘glow’ to your skin.
  • Often times, though, you simply show no signs of warmth, rather than looking "pinkish".
  • Your hair can be ash blonde, or ash highlights; or rich chestnut brown (with no reddish hightlights), or true black.
  • Warm earthy colors, particularly golden yellow can make you look sick.

Warm Seasons will often have red or auburn hair, though warm brown is seen as well.

  • Green eyes are common but so are hazel, Amber, and warm brown. Eyes will often have golden flecks or a starburst around the pupil.
  • Blue eyes can be seen in warm seasons (fyi: blue is found in all seasons).
  • Skin may have a peachy glow to it (as opposed to Pink) and your overall look is a ‘warm golden glow.'
  • Freckles are common.
  • Cool colors look artificial on you.