Cool Hair Color

I've listed some celebrity and non-celebrity examples of people who have cool hair color. This includes hair with just the right amount of highlights that may have a touch of warmth but does not go too far. 

Many hairdressers love to 'warm up' cool hair. If you are a Summer or Winter who flows into a warm season, like a Deep Winter or Sunlit Summer, a touch of warmth looks great. But a touch is really all you need. 

If you are an all cool season, like the Cool Winter or Smokey Summer, you want to avoid warmth as much as possible. But sometimes if hard to explain to your hair colorist that you want cool highlights without looking too ashy. 

These photos below illustrate some great cool hair color examples. From varying degrees of flat to heavily highlighted hair, from deep brunette to light blonde, you may want to point it out to your hairdresser if you find it difficult to explain what you are wanting as a cool season. 

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