Drew Barrymore

Soft Autumn

Drew Barrymore is a Soft Autumn. She has a delicate coloring about her which include soft warm and some soft cool colors. Drew is another celebrity who experiments with her colors a lot. And I'll be the first to admit she pulls them off most of the time. But Pretty Your World's Color Analysis is about finding your BEST colors. So the picture here at left is an example of Drew wearing her best colors..hair, makeup and dress. Below are some not-so-best color choices.

While a Soft Autumn's palette does contain warm colors, these particular shades are too overpowering for her delicate coloring.

And here her hair is too dark and flat. Black never flatters a Soft Autumn's face. It's best used away from the face...pants, skirt, etc.

Here, again, she is wearing her soft natural colors and she looks terrific.

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