Early Bird Special!

I am finishing up the last modules of my training and hope to launch very soon. But honestly, I keep finding new things I want to add to the training! This training program is going to include everything I could possibly teach you about becoming a “common-sense Color Analyst”.

It will be completely online so you can study it as your own pace.

I plan for everything to be ready to go no later than November 1st.

However, I’m opening up a special early-bird registration NOW.

I will be offering ‘basic’ Color Analysis training of the 12 seasons in addition to the Advanced ColorBreeze Training. The ColorBreeze training will, of course, contain the 12 season training within it.

 In fact, it’s vitally important to understand the basic 12 seasons before you move on to the ColorBreeze Training.

Once you have the basics down, you will learn about what the ColorBreeze is all about and why it is the most accurate system you can learn. You will learn about all of the new ‘soft’ seasons a person could be. You will study high definition photos like the ones you see here:

Can you identify the subtle differences that make the person on the left a Dusty Soft Spring and the one of the right a Sunlit Soft Summer? You will after my training!

Additionally, I will have courses in my ColorBreeze training that will include women of color, analyzing men, how aging effects one’s seasons and more.

You will also be able to get a special one on one training seasons with me with special VIP training options. More information will be coming soon but I urge you to take advantage of my early-bird special offer for the Advanced ColorBreeze Color Analysis training.

The 12 season training course will be $995.00

For a limited I’m offering the Advanced ColorBreeze training for the same price of $995! (regularly $1500.00) You can even break up the amount into 3 payments! Email me to arrange this payment.

Online Advanced ColorBreeze Color Analysis Training

Swatches and drapes are extra but optional. Wholesale costs of each swatch will be $42 each. Drapes will be $400.00  

Requirement: After watching all video’s, I will have a test at the end where you will analyze some models I provide. You must get 70% correct to pass. Then there will be a portfolio review where you will need to analyze 15 ‘real’ people.  I will need to see the client’s, of course, so it is highly recommended you have a digital camera to take and send digital photos. Cel phones will not pick up the accurate coloring I need to be able to check your analysis.

Fast Start program: For those who were already trained as an Image Consultant or Color Analyst, I will give you an extra discount of $300 off whichever training you choose.  You will still need to pass the test and the portfolio review.

All of this training is free for anyone who took my last training!

 Just contact me for information how to access the program.

Special price for already-trained color and image consultants

$695USD (Limited Time Only)

Contact me for information

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Online Color AnalysisTraining 

Pretty Your World is growing and is looking for people who are looking to become independent ColorBreeze Color Analysts for us. 

Do you constantly try to analyse everyone you meet, or everyone you see on TV and in magazines?

If you have a passion for understanding Color Analysis, consider becoming a ColorBreeze Color Consultant.   

My newly updated training will include 4 season color seasons, 12 seasons and the most updated system available, the ColorBreeze Color Analysis system.

As a ColorBreeze consultant, you will be able to learn the theory and the practical skills needed to be a great Color Analyst, all from the comfort of your home and around your schedule.

Click above for Frequently Asked Questions about Training. 

Check out my first mini-lesson on my YouTube channel to get a sense of what my full training will be like: