Erin Burnett - A Closer Look

A Clear Winter you can check out for yourself on CNN

Finding a Clear Winter is kind of rare. They are definitely out there, but in relationship to all the other seasons, they are some of the hardest to find. 

That’s why I get excited when I find one. Not just a photo, but someone on TV that you can see every night in high definition.  News reporter Erin Burnett from CNN is a classic Clear Winter.

Here is my analysis and my rationale for choosing this season:

Whenever I analyze anyone, I first want to know if her current hair color is relatively close to her natural coloring.From her younger photo below, I can see she is a natural dark brunette.

Second, her eyes are a perfect example of cool and clear with a clear defined outside rim which indicates high contrast. 

But most importantly, where the true test lies, I notice how she comes alive in bright clear cool colors and how she just disappears in pale or muted colors, or worst of all, muted earth tones. I’ve seen her wear a camel blouse and matching makeup and she just fades away.

Here are some more photos of her in too-light colors that do nothing to highlight her deep, dynamic coloring: 

Compare those colors above to the bright blue and black colors below. There is no comparison. Her eyes take center stage, as they should.

Actually, regardless of anyone's season, wearing the right colors will make your eyes take center stage. As they should. 

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