eSwatches are here!

What are eSwatches? eSwatches are mini-eBooks that one would normally receive when they choose our ColorFast Analysis (this is where one gets the same professional virtual color analysis as our complete Color Analysis but instead of the actual swatch, they receive this mini-eBook delivered to their email address).

I decided to provide more options for people who may not want to invest in our Deluxe Color Swatch at this time. If you already know your Season because you've been analyzed in the past or you've analyzed yourself from the information provided here, then you can purchase an individual eSwatch for your season.

Each will have 3-4 pages that include:

*The name of your Season (1 of the 12 Seasons)

*The general characteristics of your Season.

*A 21 color palette listing the top colors for your Season. This will include your Power Colors and neutrals as well as other specific shades that work for your coloring. Note: The colors are created using the RGB/HTML color coding and colors can vary some depending on your computer, browser, etc. However, each color will have its name listed.

*Celebrity photo examples who share your Season and are wearing their right colors

*Makeup, wardrobe and hair color tips specific to your Season.

eSwatches are fun and affordable, only $5.99. But the information provided is huge in helping you make the right color choices for clothes, make-up and hair color.

Enter your season here

Only $5.99 *be sure to indicate which season your are ordering during the PayPal checkout

IMPORTANT: Currently Cool Winter and Clear Winter are not available. They will be soon as will all the 16 seasons. Thank you!

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