Free Ebook !

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I'm expanding all of my mini-eBooks, all 28 of them! (though some may be combined).
To get a sneak peek at what they will be like, I'm offering a free download of the Warm Autumn season. 

So What Will Be New?
ALL the colors from my Deluxe Swatches are included in the book. 
They are arranged as they are in the Swatch book: by Power Colors, Light and Dark Neutrals, Fashion colors, etc. 
Many new images and graphics are included, and more!

I created the Warm Autumn first because it is my season so I thought I'd start with the one I know best.

I will be creating new ones based on sales popularity of my current mini-ebooks.

I'd love any feedback you might have regarding what additional information should be included in the eBook (be specific) before I continue on to all the rest of them. 

Thank you!