Heart Shape Face

heart-face-real woman

How to determine the Heart Shape face (or "inverted triangle"):

•The chin is narrow and pointed

•The cheekbones are widest

•The forehead is moderately broad and has a widows peak

•The forehead is the widest part of the face

•The jawline is the narrowest part of the face


GOAL: The aim is to narrow the forehead and broaden the lower half of the face

•Create volume and width along the chin line

•Look for easy soft styles with light bangs over the forehead

•The hairstyle should be close to the face at the top of the ears to create soft waves partially covering the ears

•Do not have a side part that is too low

•Avoid styles that look top heavy

Avoid also:

•Hair pulled back off the forehead

•Styles that are full at the temples

•Too straight bangs

•Too much height on top of the head

•Low side parts


•An irregular brim and prominent crown will make the face look narrower.

•Wear a hat on a angle to soften the broadness of the forehead.

•Look for hats that lengthen and soften the broad contour.

•Look for hats with a large crown.


•Select round or oval frames with soft curves and/or an upward sweep


Look for earrings that add length to the face