Hillary Clinton - A Closer Look

Figuring out some people's coloring can be tough. Hillary Clinton is one person whose stylists do not seem to know what to do for her. I don't mean to sound harsh at all. I've analyzed thousands of people and I know there are tough cases out there. Hillary is one of them. 

But I do think I've figured her out. At least what I feel is her best season/category right now, since I'm not 100% sure what her season was when she was younger. I like to know that for most of my analyses.

In an old book on color analysis, I was saw Hillary Clinton listed as a Soft Autumn. I didn't doubt it then although my hunch now is that she was actually a type of Soft Summer (which explains why she is so challenging! Soft seasons are the toughest to determine). 

What I have observed with Hillary is often her color choices are too bright, too warm, too dark, or too pale.

Too bright and too warm

Too warm

Too dark

Too pale and warm

 I believe she is a Sunlit Soft Summer. 

Getting away from warm colors is essential for her. Anything too bright or dark is not good either. But combining warm bright colors is the worst effect on her. 

Navy is a good deep neutral on her and her cooler makeup harmonizes beautifully.

As you probably know, Summer colors are cool and soft.

Some Summer clients of mine, especially those who work in a conservative, professional setting, were disappointed after I told them I thought they were a Summer because they view that palette of a bunch of 'girly' pastel colors like lavender and soft pinks and blues.

And those colors are definitely in that palette. But so are great neutrals like navy, grey, taupe, charcoal, and soft white.

The photo above is a good look for her. Her top and her makeup is cool. But sometimes I see her in the right outfit but her makeup is still warm. And they color her hair a warm blonde. I think she looks better when the warmth in the hair is gone and she lets her silvery grey hair shine through naturally. 

Below I did a makeover on her via Facebook and Taaz.com.  I had posted these images on Facebook and it became my most popular post ever. 

I removed all the pale warm colors from her hair, makeup, blazer and blouse. I even changed the broach to a cool color. I think she looks amazing in the cooler colors!

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