Celebrity Hit or Miss

See when the stars are right on target with their colors (left picture),
and when they were way off (right picture)

    Gwyneth Paltow: Light Spring
  • Hit (left pic): Light hair, makeup & dress
  • Miss (right pic): Too Dark hair; too golden, muted shirt

Sarah Jessica Parker: Sunlit Soft Summer

Hit (left pic): Highlighted hair, cool top, cool soft makeup

Miss (right pic): Her one all-over (no highlights/lowlights) hair color is way too golden for her cool muted coloring. Very warm makeup doesn't let her soft summer coloring be noticed at all. 

    Jessica Biel: Sunlit Soft Summer
  • Hit (left): Soft blended hair & highlights
  • Miss (right): Hair looks too bleached; washes her out

Janet Jackson: Deep Winter

* Hit (left pic): Her deep dark eyes are enhanced by her naturally black hair.

* Miss (right pic): Her lightening up of her hair color and her "autumn-y" peach blush doesn't give her the best look. 

    Jane Kurkowski: Light Spring
  • Hit (left): Light hair, makeup & dress
  • Miss: (right)Black dress. Black is particularly unkind to "light" seasons.
    Jennifer Lopez: Deep Autumn
  • Hit: Strong, rich hair & make-up color
  • Miss: Hair & makeup too light
    Natalie Maines, Dixie Chick: Clear Spring
  • Hit (left): Naturally blonde hair, light, warm clear makeup
  • Miss: (right)Unnaturally dark hair color washes out her delicate complexion.
    Rachel Bilson: Deep Winter
  • Hit: Strong, rich hair and dress colors
  • Miss: Golden Yellow is not a good color for most Winters. It just does nothing to enhance her colors. If a Winter truly wants to wear yellow, a light lemon yellow is better. 

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