Hue, Value, & Chroma

I spoke about Munsell's three characteristics of color - hue, value, and chroma - on my "color theory" page. 

These three aspects are what you will be looking for when you analyze yourself, or in your clients if you are a color analyst. 

It's important to note that when Munsell speaks of "hue", he's referring of course to the actual color, like green, blue, pink, etc. For our purposes in Color Analysis, this aspect is further identified as "temperature" or "undertone". In other words, we are looking for whether someone is warm, cool, or blended temperatures. You find undertones in both skin, hair and eye color. 

But the temperature of skin tones can be tricky because skin can have what is called an "overtone". The overtone means what the surface of the skin appears to be and this can be different from the person's overall "undertone". 

Luckily, you don't have to worry about this with the value and chroma aspects. Value is the easiest to distinguish and chroma is not as easy as value. 

I will go into each aspect in more detail. Click on the characteristic you want to learn about. 

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