Introducing PYW's New Face Flash Cards

21 November 2019

I created this product because I personally do not like using drapes to do a color analysis. I find drapes cumbersome, they can wrinkle, tags can fall off, they can be a chore to keep organized (at least they are for me) and most are expensive. Some are ridiculously expensive.

I designed these to be easy to use, easy to handle and store, fit nicely into a briefcase or bag. And they are affordable compared to drapes. Most importantly, they are part of my precise system for identifying a person’s season.

My Face Flash Cards has 5 initial steps to finding someone’s undertone, totaling 10 test colors. One color will be better than the color on the flip side of the card, or at least one will be less bad than the other. Keeping track on an enclosed check off sheet will eventually lead you to your specific season that is most flattering for you.

Below are a few examples of the two test colors on each card. Can you see which one is better (or less bad) than the other?

fb cool vs warm
fb cool vs warm smaller beige and grey

Did you find the pink and light grey better than the orange and warm beige? I did. But you have 3 more cards with 6 more test colors to assess just to find the undertone. As color analysts know, determining undertones is critical.

If you happen to be one of those blended temperature seasons that seem to sit on the fence between warm and cool with a 50/50 split, these cards will help draw out which one is slightly more dominant.

After you determine your (or a client's) undertone, this will eliminate half of your choices right away. Then you find your main season. After that, you continue to test more specific colors to pinpoint a specific sub-season; 70 total colors.

These cards along with a special tip sheet included in the binder will get you to one of the 22 seasons in the ColorBreeze System. For my certified consultants, additional information will be available in the kit to determine the additional 6 brand-new seasons in ColorBreeze Complete System.

Or you can easily use them for the 12 season system, if this is what system you prefer.

Even using the first steps to determine undertones is a vitally important step for people like makeup artists and hairdressers. They can be useful in so many ways.

Are fabric drapes a necessity?

I'm sure you know my answer to that.

I know there are those who think drapes are superior and would never use cards. But it's all about training the eyes to recognize what colors do to a face.

I believe that if you can identify a flattering color from a drape, you will be able to from a colored card 😊

If one doesn't really have the eye for color analysis, no expensive set of drapes will help.

You can pre-order them in my store here or click on image below learn more about them.

Face flash card image for Shopify

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