Is Beige a Boring Color?

Not if it is the right shade of beige

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This shade of beige might be more accurately described as "iced cocoa" or "cool taupe".

Regardless of the name, the color of this woman's blouse is a cool beige/brown and it is a wonderful neutral for her light, delicate, and predominantly cool coloring.

She is a Light Summer.

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This woman, though, has warm undertones and her best neutral shade is warm or yellow-based. This shade might be called "warm sand" or "almond latte".

Again, the name is not as important as the knowing the color is a light, warm neutral.

She is a light Soft Autumn.

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When you know your right colors, everything changes. Everything harmonizes.

This is what Color Analysis is all about!

It’s about colors but specific colors. It’s about temperature, saturation and value.

Knowing YOUR Season will help unlock which colors are best for you and which to avoid.

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