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use Levels of understanding with tree

My ColorBreeze system is highly advanced. That makes it highly specific and accurate.

But it can be overwhelming for some peope, especially those who are just starting to learn about Color Analysis.

However, ColorBreeze was built upon earlier, more basic systems.

Starting with the basic 4 Season color system, eventually additional sub-seasons were discovered and unveiled. This lead to my 28 season color system. Yes, 28 seasons! But again, don't let that overwhelm you.

Start at whatever level is most comfortable for you. Study it. Observe people. And when you fully understand it, you will also see additional types of people who don't quite fit into one of its seasons. That is when you know you can move up to the next level of understanding.

Even if you are pretty confident in your understanding of, say, the 12 season system. It can't hur to go back to the basics, the bedrock of all of the advanced systems out there: the 4 Season system.

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basic level color

The 4-Season Color System

The bedrock on which all advanced color systems are based. All sub-seasons are under one of the 4 Main seasons.

Intermediate level color

The 12-Season Color System

This the the system is used by most analysts, though it usually has a different name. Many of the same seasons stay the same in my ColorBreeze System.

advanced level color

ColorBreeze System

While many seasons stayed the same from the 12-season system, the others were split into more specific sub-seasons.

Master level color

The ColorBreeze Complete System

My ColorBreeze system was split into additional sub-seasons, creating a complete, accurate method to determinging one's season.

It was inspired completely by Munsell's color tree.