Light vs Dark

Let's start with the 2 dominant characteristics that are usually most easy to identify. They are placed besides each other to highlight their differences.

LIGHT seasons will typically have:

  • Light Hair: blonde is most common
  • Light eyes: blue, green, hazel
  • Skin: Fair & light.
  • Little contrast between skin, eyes and hair, except with makeup on.
  • If you have dark eyes, Light is NOT your dominant trait.
Ellen, Sharon Stone, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson

Deep seasons have:

  • Dark Hair: black, dark brown, deep auburn.
  • Dark eyes: black, dark brown, red-brown, dark hazel or blue.
  • Skin may be light, medium or dark.
  • High contrast between eyes, skin, and/or hair
  • If you have light eyes, DEEP is NOT your dominant trait.

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