Lindsay Lohan

As with any natural red head, Lindsay Lohan looks best when she embraces her coloring, as in this photo. Rich browns, spicy reds, golden yellows are some of her key colors in her palette.

Warm Autumns are not usually blue-eyed blondes

Here she is going for the cool summer look, by making her hair an ash blonde. The hair looks nice, but it doesn't enhance her natural coloring.

Here she goes even more blonde. While adding light blue contacts is a smart move to create the "blue eyed blonde" look, it just doesn't fit with her natural coloring. See how her long hair contrasts with her freckled arm? When someone freckles like she does, it usually means a lot of warmth in her skin and her ash blonde hair makes her skin pale in comparison.

And black hair is way too dark and flat. It just looks too unnatural on her.

Again, here in her Warm Autumn colors she looks her best and most natural.

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