The Best Makeup Colors for You

Wearing your right makeup colors is critical, perhaps even more so than with clothes. Why? Because if you wear a shirt that's not exactly your best color, most people aren't going to notice that as a major beauty blunder. But if you are wearing the wrong colored eyeshadow, blush and lipstick, the blunder is more noticeable. People will notice your makeup and not You. And that's something you always want to avoid.

While it's fun to try on new makeup colors, it starts to get depressing-not to mention expensive-when you end up with a drawer full of makeup you never wear because the colors just don't look good on you.

I love makeup. I love seeing the pretty colors in the pretty packages. And I wish that I could make the pretty blues, plums, pinks and greys work for me like it works on the model. But it won't because I'm a Warm Autumn and pinks and purples just look stupid on me.

True Story: Many years ago a friend persuaded me to go to a Mary Kay party with her. It was going to be a special event with a professional makeup artist and everything (turns out he was just a professional salesperson for the company but I didn't know anything back then.) I enter the room to find it was a special "PINK" shades of pink and purple had just come out and everyone got to try the new colors. When the "makeup artist" asked if I wanted a free "makeover" I told him how pink does not look good on me and that I'm an Autumn, he frowned and said "We don't believe it that nonsense. Anyone can wear any color they want to." Despite not knowing a whole lot about the makeup business back then, I did know that I didn't agree with this but I lacked any assertiveness and didn't want to look like a stick in the mud. Besides, the guy was kind of cute, and I thought that maybe I should be a bit more open minded.

The "makeup artist" had taken Before and After pictures with his polaroid for each participant (he charged us $5 each, too, which is a lot of money to a college kid.) By the end of the night I left "PINK" night looking horrible. I don't even really have the words to describe how I looked. All I can say is that I went home and cried, taking yet another blow to my self-esteem. I thought that there was no way in the world that this guy, or anyone really, could look at me and say I looked good in these colors: pinkish purple eyeshadow, frosty pink highlighter fuchsia lipstick, pink blush.

That night was my first time realizing that people will lie to you big time to make a sale (my family had little money growing up so I hadn't made too many purchases with the help of a salesperson up until then.) And it was the last time I doubted my belief in the seasonal palette color theory. Yes, this was kind of a long story and yes, I was a somewhat hypersensitive person back then but it was still a very memorable event for me. I still don't trust salespeople that much and I really hate having to deal with cosmetic salespeople.

So, back to the original topic: Wear the colors in your seasonal palette for your makeup if you truly want to look your best~