Marcia Cross - A Closer Look

Marcia Cross is a classic Warm Autumn. She knows her colors well and plays it to the max.

From her fiery red hair, green yes, her porcelain complexion and the clothes she wears, it all harmonizes perfectly.

Here is one of only a few photos I could find where everything is not perfect.

Her hair and makeup are great, but that cool aqua top doesn't enhance her warm coloring.

I saw Marcia being categorized differently on a different blog. This blogger follows the philosophy that "only skin matters" in color analysis (I strongly disagree, as do most top trainers in Color Analysis!) As a result she labeled Marcia a Light Spring because her skin is so light. 

This is where you one can go wrong when only one of the three vital signs (skin, hair and eyes) are used to do an analysis.  

If Marcia had clear green eyes, I would be fine with a Spring analysis, though she'd be a Warm Spring, not a Light Spring. 

But she has rich, muted eyes. This puts her into the Warm Autumn category, though the Warm Spring is her sister-season and can no doubt share some palette colors. 

Warm Oliver is a classic Warm Autumn color. And she looks fantastic in it.

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