Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is a Soft Summer. While it's easy to miscategorise her as a Winter, she has a softness too her that is exclusive to Summers. Winter colors would be too harsh on her. See next photo below.

The difference is subtle for sure, and Miley looks very cute in this pic but the hair color is too dark. Soft highlights will be more flattering for her.

Here's another picture where her hair color is too strong. While it's a dramatic look for a superstar, and it does make her pretty eyes pop, Miley Cyrus needs to soften up on her colors for her to look her best absolute best.

Here is a picture of Miley in her "natural" state. You can see the softness in her face and hair that make her a soft summer.

And here's another more glammed up look for her but which is more flattering with her highlights and softer red dress.

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