"Modern Family" Type Casted

I have to admit that I am definitely late in recognizing what a great show “Modern Family” is.  I just didn’t want to get involved with yet another TV show. Then I see it win tons of awards every year and I thought “Seriously? Is it really that good that it deserves all of those awards every year?” 

Then I watched one episode about 5 months ago and I was hooked. I immediately went on eBay and bought bought every DVD available and have watched every episode at least 10 times. It really IS that good.

Since I’ve seen every episode multiple times, I of course have color analyzed everyone as well.  And it’s cool because two characters are, in my opinion, two of the brand-new seasons in the 4x4 Color System® 

“Claire” is a Toned Spring (a 'muted' Spring)  and “Phil” is a Toned Winter (a muted Winter).  Of course it took me awhile to really feel sure in their analysis since these seasons are so new, but I’m pretty confident now.  “Haley” took the longest to identify. I’m confident that she is a “Soft” season, but I debated back and forth between a Soft Summer and Soft Autumn. Her skin is quite neutral. After seeing her in lots of different outfits, I’m going with Soft Summer, specifically “Shaded Summer”.

"Gloria" can look like a Shaded Autumn (Deep Autumn) and even a Pure Autumn (Warm Autumn) depending on whether she darkens her hair or warms it up. But I think her natural coloring is more soft and muted and thus is a Toned Autumn. 

If you haven't watched "Modern Family" yet, you should. It's really THAT good. 

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