Nicole Kidman - A Closer Look

Nicole Kidman is a Warm Spring.

She has beautiful delicate peaches & cream skin.

Her natural hair color is light red. 

While there's no denying that Nicole Kidmn is beautiful no matter what, when she makes her hair too blonde, doesn't wear warm make-up colors and wears this white pale dress, it totally drains the warmth from her. In my opinion, it ages her unnecessarily, too.

Here her hair looks too ashy. And  black is a particularly unflattering color for her.

Compare this photo above to the one at left. There's no denying that she looks so much better in this one!

Tip: When Warm is your dominant characteristic, your main goal is to avoid cool colors.  When your chroma is also clear (Spring), then the worst colors you can wear are those of the Summer palette, because they are the complete opposite: cool and muted. 

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