Oblong Face Shape

oblong-long oval-Depositphotos_138577026_xl-2015

How to determine the Oblong Face

  • The face is longer than it is wide.
  • The chin and cheekbones are rounded and relatively narrow.
  • The forehead, cheeks and jawline are about the same width.
  • The only difference between oblong and rectangle is the oblong has rounded chin/jaw and forheard and the rectangle face is angular.


GOAL: To visually shorten the face length.

  • Create volume and width to face.
  • Bangs help to shorten the face.
  • Avoid straight down the middle parts. Soft side parts are better.

Avoid also:

  • Very short hair that adds fullness only on top of head.
  • Long straight hair. If you insist on long hair, add lots of volume at neckline.
  • Low side parts
  • Hair slicked back, especially if you have a high forehead


  • Hats with full brims.
  • Avoid hats that are narrow and thin.
  • You will look best in glasses that are large (relative to your body's scale), and have softened edges rather than an angular appearance.
  • Because your face is longer than it is wide, your best frames will have depth as well as width. The frames must also be in proportion to your head size. A woman who has a small head will need smaller frames for balance and vice versa.
  • Decorative or contrasting temples can also be added to give width to the face. A low bridge will shorten a long nose and a high bridge will lengthen a short nose.


  • Your best earrings add width to your face.
  • Select from the following shapes: Round Small drops, Fan shaped, Oval, Chandelier.