Patricia Heaton - A Closer Look

Here will we take a closer look at Patricia Heaton, otherwise known as "Debra" on "Everybody Loves Raymond". She is a Deep Winter. She sparkles in deep dark colors, especially black.

Here she's warmed up her hair with a some deep auburn shade, which can totally work for a Deep Winter. This is because the Deep Winter's sister-season is the Deep Autumn, so there is some visible warmth seen in these seasons. 

However, sometimes Deep Winters will push their coloring into the "Warm Autumn" category, trying to really play up the visible warmth in them. This often creates mixed results.

While Patricia looks good, these colors aren't her best choices since her predominant characteristic is "Deep" and that's what she needs to focus on. 

Here's what wearing the completely wrong colors can do. When a Deep season goes the opposite way from her dominant trait, the result is not good. These very pale earth tones (suitable only for a very light Soft Autumn or even a Light Spring) drain the vibrancy from Patricia's face. It makes her look much older! 

Here she is once again with her dark (with still a hint of red) hair. Compare this picture to the previous one.

She looks years younger. 

Still my favorite look on her is her more-cool-than-warm brunette hair and cool makeup.

People with mixed temperatures need to determine which temperature is most dominant and make sure they match their colors accordingly. A little warmth is ok.

What exactly is a "little warmth" when we are talking about a predominantly cool season? Things like gold jewelry (that doesn't take up too much 'real estate' on the face and neck) or a brownish plum lip color, or even a small bit of bronzer on the face. 

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