The Power of Color

The Power of Color is profound. Just one look and you can instantly tell which photo is better. Even if you know absolutely nothing about color analysis, you can spot which of the two photos below simply look better.

Even if everything stays the same - same haircut or style, same facial features, etc. - changing hair color and makeup can change everything.

Lindsay Lohan is a Warm Autumn. She looks healthy and natural with her red hair. But she she bleaches it blonde, it totally drains the color from her face. It pales her and makes her look older.

When you wear your right colors, you look:

  • Refreshed
  • Younger
  • More Vibrant
  • More polished and professional

But wear the wrong colors and you can appear:

  • Tired
  • Pale
  • Older
  • and unprofessional

Another Celebrity example:

Patricia Heaton is a Deep Winter.

Lightening her hair and wearing soft pale earth tone colors does nothing for her except to wash her out.

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