Power Colors

*Power Colors are the colors that are your absolute best, no-fail, guaranteed-to-look-your-best shades. I've included some of the best from each season. Although you can be assured that when you receive your seasonal palette all of the colors will look good on you, the Power Colors are the most effective at making your natural coloring come alive.

For example, Winters are the only season who truly are enhanced by the color Black. Orange looks terrific on Autumns (Brown, too). Peach on Springs, and Sky Blue on Summers are no-fail colors.

Every palette contains about 50 colors for each season, including the best Neutrals, the best blues, reds, etc. In general , anyone can wear almost any "color" (with some definite exceptions), but its the shade and intensity that makes the critical difference.

Pretty Your World's color theory is the most precise and accurate one out there. Get analyzed by a professional color analyst now and get to know your full palette of colors which will harmonize and enhance your unique coloring.

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