Rashida Jones - A Closer Look

Rashida Jones is someone who perplexed me for the longest time.

Playing “Anne” on NBC’s “Parks and Recreation”, I'd analyze her every week. 

I knew she was warm and I knew she was soft. But she was too deep in value to be a typical 'soft autumn' in the 12 season color system.

So I had initially made the decision to categorize her as a Deep Autumn. 

But I never felt 100% confident in this assessment for a few reasons. First, she was so warm. Much warmer than a Deep Autumn usually is. Second, she was so soft, much softer than a Deep Autumn. 

And this is where the brilliance of the ColorBreeze System shines.

Rashida is a Toasted Soft Autumn

What is a Toasted Soft Autumn, anyway? 

I view it as a hybrid between the Soft Autumn (only deeper), the Warm Autumn (only deeper), and the Deep Autumn (only warmer and more muted).

A very warm, soft autumn deep.

See Rashida in cool colors. She's still beautiful, of course, but the colors do nothing to enhance her rich coloring. 

And that is what color analysis is all about: enhancing your unique coloring. 

Tip: When very warm seasons wear cool colors, they can look artificial.  But when very cool seasons where warm colors, it can literally make them look sick. It is easier to spot a cool season wearing wrong warm colors than the other way around. 

Wrong Colors

She how she looks with the rich lipstick and blush and golden brown eye shadow. She glows. 

Another Color Analysis Tip: Looking at childhood photos of yourself or someone you analyze can help you figure out their season. 

BuzzFeed has a few  childhood photos of Rashida Jones that Rashida herself posted on Twitter that are interesting.

Learn more about the Toasted Soft Autumn here. or go to Home Page.

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