The Round Face Shape

How to determine a Round face shape:

•The chin is usually round and full

•The cheekbones are the widest part of the face

•The forehead is moderately broad

•The face width is approximately two thirds that of the length. The face looks as almost as wide as it is long


GOAL: To add visible length to the face thereby slimming the overall appearance.

This is achieved by:

•Creating minimal to moderate bulk (width) to the style

•Height at the top of the head

•Hair swept back at the sides (keeping it off the face) and close to the head

•If a part is desired a diagonal three quarter or centre front part is best

•Medium or long length (no bulk)


•'Roundish' hair styles

•Straight bangs, especially heavy styles

•Fullness at the ears

•Very short styles


•Select a hat with a rising crown to lengthen the face.

•Asymmetric or uplifted brims will add length to the face.


•Look for upward swept styles

•Glasses with angles and sharp lines.

•Geometric and rectangular shapes.


Aim for styles that are longer than they are wide to slim the face.

Best shapes include:





Don't have a Round face shape? Try the Diamond Face Shape...

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