Soft vs Clear

The Soft and Clear Seasons can be easily confused with other seasons.

Note: Soft seasons are the most misdiagnosed seasons of all!

  • Soft Seasons look best in colors that are comparatively more neutral than extreme warm or extreme cool. Indeed, they are a blend of both warm or cool, neither leaning toward either one too far.
  • There is an underlying ‘greyness’ in many of their best colors.
  • Eyes are usually a “smokey” blue , blue-grey, amber, soft brown or grey-green.
  • Hair is often described as mousy brown or dishwater blonde, usually lacking natural highlights.
  • Too bright colors instantly overwhelm them. Too dark colors drains the vitality from their faces.

Clear Season are the opposite of muted; there is a noticeable clarity to their skin and almost always in their eyes.

  • Their eyes are usually a bright or sparkling color-blue, hazel, green, etc.
  • Hair can be naturally dark, medium or totally blonde.
  • There is usually a strong contrast between their eyes and lashes with the whites of their eyes being bright white.
  • Muddy colors look just that, "muddy".
  • They need bright clear colors to shine.

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