Spring Palettes

All Springs have the following characteristics:

Hue = Warm, Value = Light, Chroma = Clear

Whichever characteristic is most dominant, this will be your exact season.

Warm Spring

Dominant characteristic is WARM

  • Warm Hair
  • Warm Eyes
  • Warm Skin

Power colors include golden yellow, yellow-green, jade, warm aqua, mint green, orange, warm brown, camel. 

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Dominant Characteristic is LIGHT

  • Light eyes, skin, and hair.
  • Hair is or was blonde.
  • Eyes are most often blue, hazel, or light green.

Power colors include ivory, peach, mint, light aqua, light orchid, light lime green, camel.

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Clear Spring

Dominant Characteristic is Clear

  • Bright or sparkling eyes, usually blue, hazel, green
  • Natural hair color commonly starts out blonde but may darken over time.
  • Skin is often clear and translucent

Power colors include bright orange, lime green, true clear red, hot coral, hot turquoise, bright yellow, bright orchid, clear gold.

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Note: In the ColorBreeze system, there are now two additional Springs, both who has a chroma that is mostly clear but needs a touch of softness.  You can learn more about these seasons by clicking them below:

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