Square Face Shape


How to determine the Square Face shape:

•The face appears to be as wide as it is long

•The chin and cheekbones are broad

•The forehead, cheeks and jawline are the same width.

•A square face becomes round with only a little extra weight gain


GOAL: To soften the squareness of the face by visually narrowing the forehead and jawline.

•Add volume to the hair in the area of the eyes and the top of the crown away from the jawline

•Create the illusion of height to offset the squareness with unbalanced lines.

•Curve and angle hair across the forehead

•Softness and a natural look is essential, look for styles with broken or asymmetrical lines

•Hair longer than the ears should be kept close to the face. Hair longer than the chin can add curves to soften the face.

•Avoid showing too much or too little forehead

Also Avoid:

•Short styles

•Angular styles

•Heavy bangs


•An irregular brim and prominent crown will make the face look narrower

•Wear a hat at an angle to soften the squareness

•Look for hats that lengthen the face and soften the broad overall contour


Your best styles are round or oval frames with soft curves or those with a curved upward sweep


Look for earrings that are longer than they are wide





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