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I had originally put together an Amazon eStore with all of my “pretty picks” of stuff I like…books, makeup, etc. But I got rid of that because I wanted to be able to talk a little bit about the products, to explain why I think they are cool, and not just ‘list’ stuff. I will still provide links to places you can purchase them (if available) or at least learn more about them.

So here is the place I write about stuff I like and recommend.

My pledge: I will not suggest things just for the sake of a possible affiliate sale. If you’ve read much on my site, you will know that I find 98% of beauty stuff to be unnecessary, ridiculously overpriced or just plain ineffective…lots of times its all 3! I will only accept advertising from places who's products are priced reasonably; no Louis Vuitton or Dolce and Gabbana--unless they are like 75% off or something!

So here are things I think are useful, affordable (or higher priced items that are actually worth the extra price) as well as links to websites I think are helpful or just fun.
Helpful Beauty products
Not necessarily beauty related but...

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