Summer Palettes

Cool Summer

Dominant characteristic is COOL:

  • Cool Hair
  • Cool Eyes
  • Cool Skin

Power colors include pastel blue and pink, most shades of blue, raspberry, rose, navy, grey, lavender, cool green, charcoal and other cool, soft colors.

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Light Summer

Dominant Characteristic is LIGHT

  • Light hair and eyes
  • Skin can have an “overtone” of warmth to it
  • But has cool undertones
  • Natural Hair color is or was blonde

Power colors include sky blue, pale pink, lavender, light navy, grey, light rose, light aqua, mint and other light, soft colors. 

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Soft Summer

Dominant Characteristic is SOFT

  • Can often have a neutral look - not noticeably warm or cool
  • Hair is often ‘mousy’ with no natural highlights
  • Read important information below.

Please note that there is really no "Soft Summer" category anymore, as it was in the 12 season system.  

Well, there can be, if that is the only system you want to use. But it was found quite early on that there were several soft summer categories. In my ColorBreeze System, there are exactly 4 of them! 

The original Soft Summer season was split into a lighter and darker soft summer version. Then each of those were further categorized into a version that seems to be all-cool and one that is a mixed temperature of cool that flows into a warm season (such as spring and autumn). 

So each one of those sub-seasons have their own power colors. You can read more about each of these seasons by clicking on the specific link: 

Soft Summer Lights: 

Soft Summer Deeps:

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