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Pretty Your World is 5 years old this month!

My site has grown progressively each year and my hope is to continue to do so. In an effort to provide relevant information and to make PYW an interesting  and helpful (and fun!) place to visit, I would love your input.

A very quick questionnaire will help me figure out how to improve my site.

Every submission will be put into a drawing for a chance to win a free My Private Stylist program, including a free Style Guide! (total retail is $104).

Thank you for your time and valuable feedback. 

Your input is very important and will help me focus on improving my website for my customers.

The Winner of the "My Private Stylist" program will be contacted directly via email and announced on Facebook shortly after. 



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Your Thoughts?

I've got an idea....

Would like your input...

I have a possible new business idea I’d love your feedback on before I venture into it. Tell me your thoughts about this possible new product (part of the questionnaire to the left):

An online clothing store of gently used but stylish clothes found mainly in thrift stores, store sales, etc. All items are handpicked by Lora and will be in a color she feels will work great for a particular season.  

What's the reason for this particular idea? I LOVE shopping at Thrift Stores. I buy cute things-home decor, clothing, garden items, you name it. I always find really nice clothing that, of course, is not in my size or color but would be PERFECT for a particular season. I just want to share these finds with others. 

What I see are the pluses:

  • This would be a ‘green’ business: reusing quality clothing instead of it ending up in a landfill as so much of it does.
  •  High quality, stylish clothing at more affordable prices than buying new
  •  An item will be categorized by season, so if you know your season already, you know that what you are buying will be the right color for you. 

What I see as possible minuses:

  • Each item is a ‘one of a kind’ find; no multiples of any one item.
  • You may love an item but it might not be in your size.

Any other input would be very helpful. Please submit your thoughts in the form on the left. 

Thank you!