The Clear Spring

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Main things to know about the Clear Spring

Temperature: Warm, primarily
Value: Light
Chroma: Clear

Sister Season: Clear Winter

Best Colors: Clear Red, Hot Turquoise, Lime Green, Hot Coral, Bright Yellow.

Avoid: Dusty pastels, muddy Browns, pale cool pastels.

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The Clear Spring is a blend of both Spring and Winter.

High contrast and full saturation of color are what they both share. Many Clear Springs started out as blondes naturally and continue to keep their blonde hair. Other’s let it go dark and can often be mistaken for Winters.

It's important for Clear Springs to keep colors bright and clear and avoid dark, dusty, pale colors. Wearing dusty colors make you look boring and suck all of the vitality from your face.

The Clear Spring is the only Spring that could pull off the color Black. But a better choice is to 'warm it up' by choosing black brown instead of pure Black.

Below are a few looks I put together to illustrate this season