The Cold Deep Winter

Here are the basics of the Cold Deep Winter Season

Temperature: Cool
Value: Deep
Chroma: Clear

Sister Season: Cold Clear Winter

Best Colors: Black, Pure White, Dark Charcoal, True Red, Midnight Blue, Hot Pink, Cool Burgundy.

Worst Colors: Golden Browns, soft peach, light earth tones, dusty cool pastels.

This season is one of the newest seasons in the ColorBreeze Complete system. Think of it as the traditional Deep Winter that does not flow into Autumn. Therefore, her undertones are all cool.

Deep cool coloring allows you to wear vibrant primary colors like True Red and Blue, deep neutrals like Deep Charcoal, Pure White, and of course, Black. Winters are the only seasons in which Black truly enhances their skin tones and makes them come alive. So all Winters look good in black, but both Deep Winters own this color.