The Cool Summer

Main things to know about the Cool Summer:

Temperature: Cool
Value: Medium to Medium Light
Chroma: Soft
Sister Season: Cool Winter

Best colors: Pastel Blue (full range of blues, actually), Powder Pink, Grey (most shades of Grey), most Berry colors, Soft Fuchsia, Navy

Worst Colors: Golden yellow, orange, golden brown, warm olive green.


The Cool Summer palette is, of course, all cool. The colors will be soft, avoiding most bright colors usually. However, the Cool Summer flows into the Cool Winter. So it is not uncommon to be able to share some of the cool winter colors like orchid and true blue.

Keep your browns cool like cocoa and grey is always a good neutral for you.

Black will be too overpowering but a soft charcoal or navy is a good alternative.

For makeup, you can create a neutral look by using taupe, grey, and even cool brown eyeshadows. Charcoal is a better choice for eye pencil than black and if you have blue eyes, navy liner will help make your eyes look even bluer.

All sorts of berry and rose shades are good for both lip and cheek color.

Below are some Cool Summer looks to help illustrate this season

You can see more looks on my Pinterest page for Cool Summers